I would like to thank all of  you for  your support of our 6th
          Annual Car, Truck and Motorcycle show coming up this month
          on September 30th.  We received 54 in honor and in memory
          plaques which is the most we have ever received.  We also have
          20 corporate sponsors along with a Pastor Choice Award for
          our specialty trophies which is the most we have ever had.  God
          is good.  We still could use your help.  If  you have anything you
          would like to donate for our silent auction we would love to have
          it.  Just see me or any SMILE TEAM member and we will take them.
          Also for the first time we will be preselling boston butts for $25 to be
          picked up the day of the show.  One of the most important things we
          need is YOU.  Come eat lunch with us and enjoy all the beautiful
          cars resting in our church parking lot.  It is a great time to welcome
          visitors to our church and represent Christ with our open arms
          and show of excitement about our church.  As an outreach, we will
          be giving out information about our church and its ministries.
          What a great day to show the community and surrounding area
          about our friendliness and caring spirit towards them and their
          families and what a great icebreaker for conversation with all their
          show cars to talk about.  You can make a difference for our Lord
          Jesus in a mighty way.
          Again, thank you for your support of our Youth Ministry here at
          Mt. Beulah Baptist Church and pray for them as they are in the
          beginning stages of this new school year.  Pray for them to be
          strengthened and for them to step up to the plate as our Lords
          missionaries on their mission fields of learning.

                                             Kenneth Moffitt
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